Why are dental implants better than dentures or bridges?

Why are dental implants better than dentures or bridges?

Dr. Carmichael and her team know that dental implants are the gold standard for replacing teeth for a reason – they’re superior to dentures, partials, and fixed dental bridges for many reasons:

Jaw Strength – Unlike bridges and dentures that cause your jawbone to recede from the pressure that occurs every time you chew, dental implants actually increase bone density and keep your jaw strong.

Better Speech & Chewing – Your teeth not only make your smile look great, they’re a vital part of speaking and digesting food. Since the implants will stay in place and won’t wiggle, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods, and you’ll never have to worry about mumbling or being misunderstood when you talk.

Protect Natural Teeth – When you lose teeth, the ones that remain shift to fill in the extra space, which causes alignment issues and puts them at risk for breaks and chips. Your dental implant will keep the rest of your teeth safe by making sure they stay in proper position.

Appearance – Although dentures, partials, and bridges work just fine, implants look better because they blend right in with your natural teeth. The porcelain will match your natural grin perfectly.

Longevity & Cost – While other replacement options may be less expensive up front, you’ll actually save money with a dental implant over the course of a lifetime. Dental implants can last indefinitely with proper treatment, as opposed to dentures and bridges that last 15 years, max, and will need to be replaced.

Stay-Put Smile – Who wants to put their smile in a cup at night? You won’t have to worry about the embarrassment of removable dentures in your daily life, even when you kiss your sweetheart.

Now that you know what dental implants are, what the process is for them, and how much better they are than other replacement options, schedule your appointment with Carmichael Dentistry located in Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego today and make your smile healthy and bright again!

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