Teeth Whitening

We want every patient to love their smile, and will work with you to achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

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Teeth Whitening 

Our teeth whitening treatment can give you the brilliant, dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.  Our whitening treatment is completely safe and will effectively brighten your smile.
Teeth whitening is a quick and easy process that begins with a single office visit. When you come in, ask Dr. Carmichael about our available options and she can get you started. With our in-office bleaching your teeth can be brightened in as little as one hour. Or if you would like our take home kit, teeth whitening will occur over multiple days at your own desire.
Teeth whitening is easy at Dr. Carmichael’s. Call in and schedule a visit with Dr. Carmichael and we can have your smile brightened at your convenience!

Should I Have My Teeth Whitened?

Let’s find out! are you…
Expecting a dental crown or veneer?
Preparing for an important event?
Quitting tobacco use?
Not seeing results in whitening strips and toothpastes?

Teeth Whitening
in San Diego

With teeth whitening treatments, we can create a bright smile even after significant staining or discoloration. We want every patient to love their smile, and will work with you to achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

If you have any imperfections that make you cringe at your reflection in the mirror, cover your mouth when laughing, or refuse to show your teeth when smiling, let us help you. Dr. Carmichael and the entire team understand the emotional weight that dental issues can carry. Our goal is to have you bound out of the dentist chair feeling brand new with a smile that you can’t wipe off of your face!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, tooth sensitivity can sometime occur if the bleaching gel reaches the soft dentin in your teeth. This can be caused by an overuse of teeth whiteners or deteriorated enamel. The pain is commonly temporary and can be treated using tooth sensitive toothpaste before and after your treatment. If you’re unsure or worried about your tooth sensitivity, be sure to bring that up with Dr. Carmichael.

A: There are many reasons why someone should have their teeth whitened, however, there are a few causes of teeth discoloration that bleaching cannot remove. Here are a few reasons why someone might want to whiten their teeth.

A: If you’re expecting to receive any of these dental repairs then perhaps teeth whitening could benefit you. These types of repairs do not change color and are made to match the tone of your teeth as they appear. By having your teeth whitened before, your repairs would appear brighter along with the rest of your smile!

A: If you’re preparing for an important event such as a wedding, graduation, or family pictures then perhaps it’s time to whiten your teeth. A picture can last a lifetime so if you are worried about the tone of your teeth, we can give you a brighter smile in a single office visit!

A: If you have recently quit smoking or want to quit, perhaps whitening your smile can be a healthy reward. The black tar and yellowish nicotine found within tobacco products can quickly darken and yellow your teeth. Schedule a visit with us and you can have your teeth whitened in a single office visit!

A: These over-the-counter options are significantly less concentrated than our take-home or chairside whitening options and often times will only remove surface stains. By coming into our office we can offer quick and easy ADA approved teeth whitening!

A: Simply put, no. It is important to talk with Dr. Carmichael before deciding to whiten your teeth because some of our methods are not meant for any teeth. Brown and gray teeth do not respond to whitening in the way that yellowing teeth do. Discoloration also caused by medicine or injury are not solved by whitening. Schedule a visit with Dr. Carmichael to find out if teeth whitening will be a good fit for you.

A: There are many ways in which a person’s teeth can become discolored. Here are a few of the most common culprits.

Food and drink containing intense pigments contain chromogens that can attach to the enamel of your teeth, staining them in unwanted colors. The most common drinks that cause staining include red wine, tea, and coffee.

Tobacco contains tar and nicotine, both of which discolor your teeth. Tar is a black substance that will darken your teeth and nicotine becomes a yellowish pigment over time as it is exposed to oxygen.

Aging will naturally cause your teeth to darken and stain. As the white enamel layer of your teeth deteriorates the darker dentin layer will begin to show through.

Some medications will cause your teeth to become discolored. Young children are the most susceptible to this form of teeth discoloration.

Tooth trauma caused by being hit in the mouth will ca

A: First, you should continue brushing your teeth twice a day. Try using tooth sensitive toothpaste a few weeks prior to, during, and after teeth whitening. It is common for your teeth to be sensitive after whitening, this should only be temporary. Try avoiding coffee, red wine and teas before and after because these will only further stain your teeth. Finally, if you are nervous or curious, do a little research. It is interesting to know how the process works and you can follow along with us as we run through the steps for your teeth whitening.

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