Why is it so Important to Use Sports Mouth Guard?

Why is it so Important to Use Sports Mouth Guard?

We know what you’re thinking, mouth guards are the key to staying safe on the field, right? Yes, they are a big part of it, but it takes more than just a mouth guard to keep your kids from getting a chipped tooth while scoring a touchdown. Sports safety for oral health means getting the right mouth guard and wearing it the right way.

Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

If you or a member of your family is considering a mouth protector to defend against injuries to the mouth and face, there are a few things you should know about your options.

Here are a couple of facts about mouth guards:

Mouth guards are effective in every contact sport, but they are required by schools for football, ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse. However, basketball and baseball have the highest incidence rate of dental injuries. The American Dental Association actually recommends mouth guards for 29 sports! These include everything from martial arts, to gymnastics, to equestrian events, to skateboarding. A good rule of thumb – when in doubt, get a mouth guard! Better safe than sorry.

Athletes without mouth protectors are 60 times more likely to incur an injury to the teeth. According to the American Dental Association, mouth guards are effective because they create a buffer that helps protect teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongues from the impact. They may also play a role in preventing and/or limiting damage from concussions.

Choosing & Using the Right Mouth Guard

There are three different kinds of mouth protectors available – stock, boil and bite, and custom-fit. Stock mouth guards are the least expensive and the easiest to find, but they offer no customization and can cause irritation and even fall out during sports activities. Boil and bite mouth protectors are made of a special plastic that becomes malleable when boiled, and can then be fitted.

Dr. Carmichael and the American Dental Association recommend custom-fit mouth guards because they are the highest quality option with the best protection and comfort. At Carmichael Dentistry, using a special impression of your teeth, we will create a perfectly fitted, custom mouth protector. This option is the only one that offers comprehensive oral safety during sports.

Why is it so Important to Use Sports Mouth Guard?

Sports Safety Across the Board

How else can you keep your mouth safe? The most important thing is to know which activities pose a risk and be prepared with a mouth guard, helmet, and whatever protections are necessary. Contact us at Carmichael Dentistry today with any questions!

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