Tips for maintaining healthy teeth during the Holidays

Tips for maintaining healthy teeth during the Holidays

The Holidays are here once more, and we all know that we are going to come across a lot of guilty pleasures. The biggest culprit of those pleasures will definitely be…. you guess it. FOOD! Whether its yummy desserts or drinks that pull you in a trance, just remember not to neglect the health of your gums and teeth to prevent any unwanted cavities or mouth pain. Here are some helpful tips to consider before the New Year.

Keep Hydrated
One way into tricking your stomach into thinking that it’s full is by drinking plenty of water. Not only will this help you from becoming less hungry, but it will also assist your stomach by washing down any residue from salt or sugar on your foods that like to linger on your teeth.

Avoid Too Much Candy
Most of us just can’t resist all the candy, cookies, breads, and cakes floating around at holiday gatherings. Just make sure that you watch out for treats such as candy canes and caramels. They are both likely to prolong in your mouth and get stuck in your teeth. Try snacking on veggies instead.

Continue Brushing and Flossing
Keeping track of your oral hygiene is key if you want to maintain a healthy smile. Always brush your teeth after eating sugars. As mentioned above, sweets made with sticky substances are more likely to stick to your teeth, so brushing right after consuming them will get rid of the food that likes to linger around. Also, don’t forget about flossing. It will help get rid of the food that stays stuck in between your teeth.

Regular Dental Visits
The Holidays are the perfect time to take your kids to get a dental checkup. Since schools have holiday vacations, they will have more time off during the weekdays to get a checkup by their favorite dentist, as well as great tips on how to save their teeth from unwanted cavities and gum disease prevention.

At Dr. Natalya Carmichael’s dentistry we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and also great New Years! We are happy to help you enter the New Year with a bright and healthy smile! Schedule your appointment with us today!

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Written by Sandra Ramirez