Treating gum disease with the Perio Protect Method

Treating gum disease with the Perio Protect Method

It’s not a surprise that everybody craves a perfect healthy smile. Maintaining a bright smile isn’t as easy for everybody though. Some people forget to manage a routine for their oral health and it can have a bad affect towards their mouth. Gum disease is a central worry when it comes to the health of your mouth.  Gingivitis and periodontal disease cause bad breathe, inflammation, gum bleeding and can even lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

What is Perio Protect?

The Perio Protect method is designed to treat gum disease in ways that regular tooth brushing and flossing can’t reach. It is a custom fit tray that helps maintain biofilms, communities of bacteria that are growing in spaces or pockets between the gum tissues and teeth.

How does it work?

It works by using internal seals in the tray making it possible to place the medication directly into the pockets between the gum tissue and teeth. It seals close to the gums to prevent the medication from seeping into the mouth. Which is hard to get all the plaque out with just regular flossing. The pressure that is created by the seal forces the medication into the pockets under the gum line. This technique reaches deeper than any other type of noninvasive gum treatment. Using the Perio Protect Method will fight bacterial infections and will keep the disease- causing bacteria from recolonizing, which allows the gums to heal.

Why should you choose Perio Protect?

The Perio Tray is unlike any other form of gum disease treatment. It is comfortable and is way more effective and less invasive. Patients that may be sensitive to antibiotics can avoid using them with the Perio Tray. Using this method is not only easy, since all you have to do is put it in your mouth, but it will grant for an ultimate treatment of biofilms beneath the gums.

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