With no doubt neglecting your teeth can lead to things such as bad breath, gum disease, and fillings. As science evolves, it has been discovered that it could also cause severe conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.


One of the first things kids learn how do at the same time as getting dressed, is brushing their teeth. Avoiding bad breath and cavities is usually the reason people brush their teeth daily. It has become a norm because a bright and clean smile is a social necessity. Yet, many adults do not brush the recommended amount of twice a day. Not to mention, some forget to brush their teeth all day. Some of the apparent consequences are losing teeth as well as facing some painful and expensive trips to the dentist. But did you ever think you will be preventing heart disease, diabetes, stroke or cancer with taking care of your teeth? 


Although these theories are still in the research phase and it may be too early to be 100% sure that gum disease could cause any other serious problems, preventative measures never hurt anyone. There is a thing called a mouth-body connection, and it is the idea that inflammatory chemicals or bacteria released by the immune cells in the gums can enter the bloodstream and destroy other organs or tissues. 


For the last ten years, there has been a lot of research dedicated to linking oral health to severe illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Despite so much research, it is still possible that gum disease is not entirely linked to heart disease. Another possibility of causing heart disease is nutrition, which is still connected with oral health. If you have pain or inflammation in your mouth, you are less likely to chew correctly, or you choose not to eat crisp fruits, vegetables or cereal. 


With that being said, stick to your daily routine of twice a day brushing with fluoride toothpaste to maintain healthy teeth and gums and do not forget to take regular trips to the dentist. If you have not followed that routinely make it a habit. 


A tip to consider: when choosing a toothpaste, choose one that has 1500ppm fluoride and an antibacterial agent called triclosan.


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