If you’re suffering from a serious toothache that lasts for more than a couple of days, it’s likely a dental emergency. If you have an infected tooth, there a chance you’ll need a root canal to save it. While looking for emergency dentists, you may be wondering, “can emergency dentists perform root canals?” Is it possible to quickly schedule this operation? Luckily at Carmichael dentistry, we understand emergencies can’t wait, and our team will help you get relief as soon as possible!

We Specialize in Root Canal Therapy

At Carmichael Dentistry, we provide both emergency dentistry and root canal therapy. To answer your question, yes, our emergency dentists can perform a root canal! If you need one, you’re not alone. They’re actually one of the most common types of dental emergencies. A toothache is considered an emergency, as your tooth can continue to die without proper care. Ignoring the problem may result in your tooth getting extracted or eventually falling out. Dr. Natalya Carmichael and her talented team can provide the necessary care for patients in the San Diego North County area.

How To Tell if You Need To Get a Root Canal

Persistent Pain: One of the most common indicators that you need a root canal is a prolonged toothache that worsens over time. It’s a sign that your tooth may be infected. The pain may even go away for a bit, but it always returns. You may feel the discomfort deep in the tooth’s bone, jaw, face, or other teeth.

Sensitivity: Even if you don’t suffer from a toothache, you may notice that your it’s sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. You may feel a dull or sharp pain when drinking a warm cup of coffee or eating ice cream. If the pain lingers, even after you’ve finished eating or drinking, it may be a sign you need a root canal. The nerves in your tooth are likely damaged or infected.

Loose Teeth: When a tooth is infected, it might feel looser, indicating a root canal is necessary. The bone around the root of the dying tooth can soften, causing it to become more mobile.

Discomfort when Eating: Rather than a dull aching pain, you may only feel pain or discomfort when your chew hard foods or whenever a lot of pressure is placed on the teeth. If you experience this when eating or to the touch, it likely indicates severe tooth decay. If the discomfort or pain lingers after you’re done eating, you may need to get a root canal.

Inflamed Gums: If the gums around a tooth are red, discolored, swollen, or inflamed, it may mean the tooth is infected. The change in your gums is an immune system reaction to the presence of infection. You may have a pimple on your gums, called a gum boil or abscess. The boil may ooze pus, leaving an unpleasant taste in your mouth and bad breath.

Is a Toothache Considered an Emergency?

Yes, a toothache is an emergency. Trying to ignore it or remedy it by taking pain relievers won’t cure the problem, and it will likely worsen over time. Seeing your dentist as soon as possible will help keep the infection from progressing. Dental pain can interfere with your day-to-day life and make it difficult to concentrate or eat. The sooner we get to the infection, the more likely we are to save the tooth. If you ignore the problem, your tooth may have to be extracted and replaced, which will cost you significantly more!

Visit Carmichael Dentistry

If you’re in the North County area and are experiencing a dental emergency, we can help! When you contact us for urgent care, we’ll help you as soon as possible. If you’re unable to stop by our office, we may be able to offer some tips over the phone for temporary care. We hope we’ve answered your question, “can emergency dentists perform root canals?” Remember to contact us as soon as your experiencing toothache, and we’ll work to save the tooth. If you need to contact us or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call at (858) 484-2560. If you’re not experiencing an emergency, you can always get in touch with us by contacting us on our website.